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A Kurosaki Hisoka Defense Community

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// i n f o r m a t i o n

This is a companion community to the Yami no Matsuei fanfiction archive Phantom Moon's Hisoka shrine and defense page, Unapologetic. It's patterned after a similar organization in Gundam Wing fandom, the infamous SDDI (Society for the Defense of Duo's Intelligence). The premise is simple: this community is for those people who see Hisoka as more than a weak, incapable, weepy brat.

// r u l e s

We welcome and accept any fan fic, fan art, or discussion relating to Hisoka and best of all we only have a few simple rules:

1.) Please stay on topic (i.e. anything relating to Hisoka).
2.) Be courteous and tolerant.
3.) Never submit anything that paints Hisoka as a moron (unless of course you've written a parody fic).

Thank you and enjoy!

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